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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Crack

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Crack

In 2010, FPS game fans have been enthralled by the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops. In 2013, Activision has brought something new to the arena; something that delivers more of an intense feeling to its audience -- Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising. In this latest installment, there are 4 M's: monsters, mobsters, magma and ... oh MY God!

A New Line of Interestingly Spontaneous Maps

As promised by Activision,  Call of duty black ops 2 crack is packed with a new set of maps that will augment the entirety of the game. As rated by gamers, the best map to have met its purpose would be "The Studio", which is basically a remake of the prequel's Firing Range. The layout may come off to look the same but in actuality, the design is very much different than the previous. On another note, being in The Studio is like being in an a real movie set, packed with rumbling pirate skeletons, animatronic T-Rexes, killer UFO's, and a lot more. It actually gives the feeling of Godzilla's rampage to play the game within the depths of the map. Another excellent map addition to this ninth and latest installment of Call of duty black ops 2 crack would be the Magma, which should be self-explanatory 'cause basically,  it's surrounded by magma rooting from an active volcano somewhere in Japan. Oh, the Ring of Fire! Add to that the accessibility to somewhat crazy maps where you can get to "mingle" real bad for brute and madness with the undead -- yes, zombies! Now, isn't that cool? It could be creepy, but definitely a big plus for a modification towards the original set up of the game.
The Characters and Campaign

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising comes with two correlating storylines. The first one  is set in the year 1986 to 1989, which happens to be last years of the initial Cold War. On the other hand, the other storyline goes all the way to the future -- in 2025 -- where it goes to show that another Cold War has taken occurrence. Black Ops 2's protagonist remains to be Alex Mason who is in constant movement against the antagonist Raul Menendez, a Nicaraguan terrorist, the mastermind of the populist movement known as the Cordis Die.

Strike Force Galore

What if you can actually change the outcome of a war that's about to loom? What if you can change it for the better? Why'd I ask? 'Cause in Black Ops 2 Uprising, you hold the key towards failure of humanity or its continuous existence. Through the Strike Force Missions, you have the power to enfeeble the evil plans of Menendez concerning the Cold War. Interestingly enough, these missions are not only limited to aerial force but also encompasses ground breaking technology of warfare robots.

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